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Summer discovers the SDS stash in our room

Summer discovers the SDS stash in our room

Letters Letters everywhere!
Letters stashed into ever crack in the rafters

At the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn there is a secret society that members  frequently stay at the inn. Of course to be a member of  this society you have to spend a night at the inn. The Secret Drawer Society is simply in each room at the inn people who have stayed write a letter about their stay or leave a puzzle or gifts for those who stay after. As soon as we hit the room Summer was in full explore mode and she quickly found the stash in our room. We spent about an hour reading the letters in our room then went down for the famous Sunday Dinner at the Wayside Inn. Dinner was delicious and I tried a Coo Woo, the first mixed drink of America (not for the faint of heart or easily drunk it is 2 parts rum to 1 part ginger brandy and no mixers!).

After dinner we stopped by the game room where there were baskets of letters that have been moved to make room for new letters. We read for hours and didn’t get to bed until around 1am (but we had the awesome tunes from a wedding that was being catered as entertainment for part of the night so it was good fun all around).   In the morning Summer was able to talk one of the ladies into letting us sneak a peak at rooms 9 and 10 (the original rooms over the kitchens and the allegedly haunted spots) and as you can see by the picture every space is fulled with notes from people who have stayed in these rooms. Both Summer and I hope to return to the inn and stay in one of these rooms so we can read all the notes and perhaps have a meeting with Jerusha the young lady who is said to haunt her old rooms.