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Memorial Day Weekend ~ May 25, 2013 part 2

IMG_0220We hurried away from Mount Auburn Cemetery to go to a meet up in Brighton. Both Summer and I are huge fans of Hannah Hart and her You Tube Show “My Drunk Kitchen”. Hannah is currently doing a “Volunteer Tour” across America (She will be doing Europe and, I think, Australia later). So we stand in line waiting for Hannah and her crew to show up (driving an RV through Boston can be treacherous!) We then did a drop off of food for Pine Street Inn. Once inside people mingled and chatted.



Hannah came out and told a few stories; answered questions; sang and danced ~.^

Then we all lined up and she chatted and hugged and photo-oped with everyone (100+ people!) Summer and I were near the back of the line to talk with Hannah but she was still charming and fresh and appeared to be really enjoying getting up close and personal with all these strangers (this still completely baffles me. I was close to snapping at just being in a room with all these people.)

Note a distinct lack of terror in Ms. Hart's eyes ~.^

Note a distinct lack of terror in Ms. Hart’s eyes ~.^

Now we are off to our next stop… Mr Dooley’s Tavern. Which is filled with Bruins fans and the mood is high. Although I am in mourning since I can’t have my Guinness or a black and tan (OK I am Irish and I am allowed to mourn not having beer more that not having bread or pasta ~.^)

We are now going to head off to find Friends Cemetery (AKA SpiderGate Cemetery) in Leicester…