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Abraham Lincoln Statue at Bennington Museum

Okay… This statue… I really don’t know what to say about it other than WTF!? I think I understand what the sculptor was going for… maybe. The female nude was a separate sculpture representing Nirvana and the small naked boy was meant to symbolize the rebirth a France after World War I (when on his IMG_0588own). So we have 2 abstract nudes that the sculptor merged with a historical figure. A historical figure clothed in MANY layers… Seriously all I could think while we looked at this statue was Lincoln should totally be giving the kid his cloak and the lady his jacket. He would have still be fully clothed and his companions wouldn’t be naked. It only seems fair.

It doesn’t help that the woman and child are being held in place at Lincoln’s crotch leveIMG_0601l. Honestly when I saw the photos on line my first thought was photoshop or creative angles. Nope this is exactly what it looks like.

The American Spirit is located in the courtyard of the Bennington Museum and is worth a visit. I only wish we’d had time to visit the museum proper (it is filled with artwork from Vermont Artist’s and is definitely on my “Reasons to return to Bennington” List (A very long list!). I will also recommend on the is stop to pop over to the George Aiken Wildflower Trail which is right next to the museum and has one of the coolest SummerIMG_0589Project ideas. Every few feet along the trail is a page from a children’s book (MIss Rumphius was the book displayed the day we went). It just seems like a great combination beautiful stories and illustrations along a small trail in the woods. They put up a different book each month!  IMG_0615