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Madame Sherri’s Castle

Right on the Vermont/New Hampshire border is an odd little spot. In the middle of the woods, on a beautiful walking trail, the ruins of a castle still remain. This is in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire and the building was Madame Sherri’s Castle. Madame Sherri was a Music Hall Singer in Paris in the early 1900’s […]

The Crashed B-52c on Elephant Mountain

B52 signs   About 15 miles northeast of Greenville, Maine that has been a bit of an obsession for me for years and despite only being a few hours away (okay 3 hours but still…) I had never gone to visit. It is a bit weird and a bit macabre… in other words right up my alley. You see up here in the North Woods of Maine we have the  wreckage of a plane crash. For over 50 years the remains of a B-52CStratofortress have been resting on the side of mountain. Parts have gone missing and parts have been returned but the wreck is mostly still there.The story On January 24, 1963 the United States Air Force was running a training mission. We were in one of the hottest times of the Cold War and the crew was practicing ways to sneak past Soviet defenses.


They took off from Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts in a Boeing B-52C Stratofortress.  I don’t have any mechanical knowledge of aircraft (other than what I’ve picked up from watching “Seconds from Disaster” on the National Geographic Channel) but it crashed on Elephant Mountain due to “turbulence-inducted structural failure”. Seven members of the crew died and two crew members survived. One of the survivors had to have his leg amputated due to damage he suffered on landing plus the frostbite he got from having to spend the night out in the Maine woods when it was -30F. The other man did not suffer permanent physical damage and returned to active duty.

wreck 4613flag

It is a little tricky getting to the site but from Greenville you take Lily Bay Rd for about 7 miles then continue onto Prong Pond Rd (We are now travelling on dirt roads so be aware that some of the drive might be a bit rough) From here follow the signs that point you towards the site. The way is a bit twisty and turny but it is well marked (for Maine ~.^). There is a small parking area across from the trail and once you are past the gate you will begin to see parts of the plane almost immediately.

Wreckage 4602 wreck 4569

it is called Elephant Mountain but the section you walk to view the plane is really not steep or treacherous. I managed the trek with a bad knee and it wasn’t a problem (the drive gave me more trouble than the walk!).  If you are in the area and are interested in history or planes or just like visiting odd spots… This is a great place to visit. You also have the benefit of walking and driving in some of the prettiest areas in New England… oh and watch out for moose ~.^

wreckage 4548monument

flag wreckage  color wreck with stone  shadows Hatch Black & White shot of the tail sectionhillsideroad home

Moxie Festival

Selling books at Moxie Festival

Selling books at Moxie Festival

Summer and I got the opportunity to spend Saturday at the Moxie Festival in Lisbon, Maine. We joined up with Peter Dudar (author of Angel of Death; Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers and several other awesome horror novels. Check him out here!).

Summer and I got to hang out; watch a parade and talk to a lot of really cool people. That last one is the best part really. I am solidly in the introvert category (meeting people makes me break out in hives ~.^) but when you have something in common with people it is so much easier! It also helps that everyone at Moxie Fest just seems to be in a good mood (must be all the sugar and caffeine!)

Summer as Mr. Moxie

Summer as Mr. Moxie

Hopefully we will be able to go to a couple more of these outings and get to meet all the people who have read our books (or who are interested in our stories)

Abraham Lincoln Statue at Bennington Museum

Okay… This statue… I really don’t know what to say about it other than WTF!? I think I understand what the sculptor was going for… maybe. The female nude was a separate sculpture representing Nirvana and the small naked boy was meant to symbolize the rebirth a France after World War I (when on his IMG_0588own). So we have 2 abstract nudes that the sculptor merged with a historical figure. A historical figure clothed in MANY layers… Seriously all I could think while we looked at this statue was Lincoln should totally be giving the kid his cloak and the lady his jacket. He would have still be fully clothed and his companions wouldn’t be naked. It only seems fair.

It doesn’t help that the woman and child are being held in place at Lincoln’s crotch leveIMG_0601l. Honestly when I saw the photos on line my first thought was photoshop or creative angles. Nope this is exactly what it looks like.

The American Spirit is located in the courtyard of the Bennington Museum and is worth a visit. I only wish we’d had time to visit the museum proper (it is filled with artwork from Vermont Artist’s and is definitely on my “Reasons to return to Bennington” List (A very long list!). I will also recommend on the is stop to pop over to the George Aiken Wildflower Trail which is right next to the museum and has one of the coolest SummerIMG_0589Project ideas. Every few feet along the trail is a page from a children’s book (MIss Rumphius was the book displayed the day we went). It just seems like a great combination beautiful stories and illustrations along a small trail in the woods. They put up a different book each month!  IMG_0615

Sunrise Resort ~ East Haddam, CT

We travelled to Connecticut looking for an abandoned Campground. We found the Resort (now a state park) and promptly headed in the wrong direction. (It seems to be our thing)

We, eventually, headed in the right direction only to find that a large part of the resort has been torn down and there were No Trespassing signs everywhere. So… since both Summer and I have been very vocal about respecting personal property so (with much heel dragging and longing looks) we headed out 😦

BarnCabinsIMG_1673GasPumpAbandoned Farmhouse

Seguin Island Lighthouse

Buoys lining the path towards the lighthouse at the top of Seguin Island.

Buoys lining the path towards the lighthouse at the top of Seguin Island.

Went to Seguin Island with Maine Maritime Museum. A wonderful trip although a bit strenuous with needing to take a dinghy to and from the island (the ferry can’t land here since there is no dock) and needing to take a ladder to get onto the dock at Fort Popham (depending on the tide). Not to mention the uphill hike to the lighthouse. Totally worth it!

Seguin Island Lighthouse

Seguin Island Lighthouse

Secret Drawer

Summer discovers the SDS stash in our room

Summer discovers the SDS stash in our room

Letters Letters everywhere!
Letters stashed into ever crack in the rafters

At the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn there is a secret society that members  frequently stay at the inn. Of course to be a member of  this society you have to spend a night at the inn. The Secret Drawer Society is simply in each room at the inn people who have stayed write a letter about their stay or leave a puzzle or gifts for those who stay after. As soon as we hit the room Summer was in full explore mode and she quickly found the stash in our room. We spent about an hour reading the letters in our room then went down for the famous Sunday Dinner at the Wayside Inn. Dinner was delicious and I tried a Coo Woo, the first mixed drink of America (not for the faint of heart or easily drunk it is 2 parts rum to 1 part ginger brandy and no mixers!).

After dinner we stopped by the game room where there were baskets of letters that have been moved to make room for new letters. We read for hours and didn’t get to bed until around 1am (but we had the awesome tunes from a wedding that was being catered as entertainment for part of the night so it was good fun all around).   In the morning Summer was able to talk one of the ladies into letting us sneak a peak at rooms 9 and 10 (the original rooms over the kitchens and the allegedly haunted spots) and as you can see by the picture every space is fulled with notes from people who have stayed in these rooms. Both Summer and I hope to return to the inn and stay in one of these rooms so we can read all the notes and perhaps have a meeting with Jerusha the young lady who is said to haunt her old rooms.

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Martha Mary Chapel at Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Martha Mary Chapel at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Grist Mill at Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Grist Mill at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Another shot of the Grist Mill at Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Another shot of the Grist Mill at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Solitary Confinement at Rutland Prison Camp

The Solitary Confinement Area at Rutland Prison.

The Solitary Confinement Area at Rutland Prison.

Inside Solitary

Inside Solitary

Pumpkin Head
The back side of Solitary.

Kill your TV?

Another cell in solitary.


Mt Washington Road Race

The runners getting readyEvery year on Father’s Day Weekend a group of dedicated runners (I call them lunatics) run up the side of Mount Washington. I went with my mother to cheer on my brother and his son as well as a few friends. A beautiful day.